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Full 2007 07 overview scrutiny committee

Meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee

London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 2007


4.1 The reasons advanced in the “Call In” requisition are set out below:-

There are serious omissions in the information provided in this report, which need to be addressed in order to make a responsible decision on the disposal of valuable assets.

  1. A breakdown of the housing reprovision on each of the estates, and the tenure and rent category of the housing to be provided, with detail of any net loss of affordable and larger family size units, on each estate and across the area to be transferred.
  2. Why is the target for ‘affordable’ housing only 35%, in light of the considerable public subsidy in land and finance, debt write off and gap funding involved
  3. The total council and other public subsidy already invested in the housing involved, including leaseholder buy-backs, SRB4, decant
  4. Cost of Compulsory Purchase, who this will be born by and how the Council will be compensated for this cost
  5. What are the implications for the future of community facilities of para7.2– does this imply that no dedicated youth, women’s, faith or similar facilities will be provided, and that no provision will be made for an Islamic Cultural Centre?
  6. How will the promises made to tenants and leaseholders be for transfer be policed and enforced? Can we provide evidence of the mechanism by which the council monitors and investigates any shortcomings, or complaints? Is there any instance in which LBTH has acted to enforce pre-transfer promises on transfer landlords?
  7. Loss of Open Space at Jolly’s Green and failure to consult with residents affected