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Full 2014 new perspectives

New Perspectives: A Celebration at Balfron

British Council, 2014


I have included excerpts below but encourage you to visit the website to see the full information and accompanying images.


Join us at Ernö Goldfinger’s iconic Balfron Tower for a vertical carnival of events, workshops, tours and more to celebrate the culmination of the International Architecture Showcase in collaboration with Bow Arts Trust as part of their Balfron Season.

Exploring the fresh perspectives émigré architects bring to London as an international Capital, the International Architecture Showcase has paired ten UK practices with ten architects from around the world to collaborate on new ideas for Poplar in East London for the London Festival of Architecture 2014. 

Hear the results of this exchange whilst learning more about the architectural stories of Balfron Tower and Poplar. 

All activities are free and open to the public but please note that any activity that involves entering the Balfron Tower is pre-registration only. Many events are now sold out but please visit the registration desk at the foot of the Tower to see if there is a chance to be included on the day.